Welcome to SciELO Web site for Windows’s documentation!

The SciELO Web for Windows is basically used as a stage website where the producion team can check the articles produced before sending then to the official website. All the features within a SciELO Website will not be installed in this stage environment.

The focus of this Guide is to guide the IT managers to intall the following tasks:

  1. PC-Programs (Converter and Markup) http://docs.scielo.org/projects/scielo-pc-programs/en/latest/
  2. Delorean2Isis (Import databases from the Journal Manager to the markup process) https://github.com/scieloorg/delorean2isis
  3. Staging SciELO Website on Windows (Just for articles check)
  4. GeraPadrao (Processing of new data to publish the new data in the website)
  5. Paperboy to send Translations, Databases, PDF’s, Images and XML Files to the SciELO Site servers