Markup Reports

Report of files and DTD errors

It reports all the related files and DTD errors.

Report file name: <article filename>.err.txt Example: article-v48n6p060.err.txt

xml name
indicates the original file name. Example: article-v48n6p060
new name
indicates the normalized name, formed by ISSN-acron-volume-number-page (`File Submission Specifications`_). Example: 0100-204X-pab-48-06-00060
total of related files

total of related files of the article. They are PDF, epub, other formats, versions, of the article.

They are renamed to new name.

  • article-v48n6p060.sgm.xml => 0100-204X-pab-48-06-00060.xml
  • article-v48n6p060.pdf => 0100-204X-pab-48-06-00060.pdf
total of @href

total of the attribute href found in the XML file and which indicate the files included in the article, such as equations, tables, videos, images, etc.

<graphic xlink:href="abc.jpg"/>
total of @href files
total of files which are indicated in the href attribute. these files are also renamed according to `File Submission Specifications`_
total of @href files found
total of files which are found in the files system and were referenced in the XML files
total of @href files not found
total of files which are not found in the files system and were referenced in the XML files

DTD Errors

This report informe the line and column number where the error occurres.


  1. The content of element type “front” must match “(journal-meta,article-meta,notes?)”

    It means, the element front, must have journal-meta, article-meta, and can or not have notes.

    It is possible, some of journal-meta or article-meta is missing or an unexpected element were found inside front.

  2. Attribute value “e01” of type ID must be unique within the document.

    The attributes id must not have same value.

  3. An element with the identifier “B5” must appear in the document.

    There is at least a rid=B5, but there is not id=”B5”

If you can not understand the messages, use our support: SciELO XML Forum

Report of SciELO Style Checker

The document is checked against the SciELO Tagging Guidelines rules.

Report file name: <article filename>.rep.html

Example: article-v48n6p060.rep.html

Report of Contents Validations

This report displays the data and warnings/error/fatal errors related to the data.

<article filename>.contents.html
validations of the contents

Report file name: <article filename>


  • article-v48n6p060.contents.html

Report of PMC Style Checker

The document is checked against the PMC Tagging Guidelines rules (